• Joao B. Costa

New Year resolutions!

A few years ago, I decided to stop (or massively reduced) alcohol intake. I read many articles about alcohol and its effect on the body and mind. I concluded it was a wise decision for me to make. From sleep to blood pressure, alcohol has a major impact on your health.

One of the things I read that had a major impact on my decision was the research about alcohol consumption as a risk factor for certain types of cancer. Alcohol is metabolized in the body to acetaldehyde, which is then converted to acetate. Even though this process is normally quite efficient there is a certain amount of aldehyde that can affect the cells and have a toxic effect, hence the fact it is considered, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, as a Group 1 carcinogen. Alcohol will increase oxidative stress in the liver which can lead to inflammation and consequently liver disease.

Alcohol consumption can also have an effect on our sleep (disrupted sleep), blood pressure and it will increase your calorie intake. 175 ml glass of wine will have generally 160 Kcal while a pint of beer will have around 180 Kcal. for you to burn this out you will have to do, roughly, 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Being healthy is not just about eating the right foods but also removing the stressors to your body. By doing Dry January you might lose those extra pounds, improve your blood pressure or even improve your sleep.

If you want to learn more about the effects of alcohol on your body visit:

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